Take control of your online reputation.

We help monitor and manage your online reputation. Collect customer reviews and gain deep insights into the customer experience.

Integrates perfectly with all of your social platforms

All your reviews in one place

One dashboard for all your reviews. We keep an eye on every major review website. Combine reviews from Tripadvisor, Yelp, The Fork, Google, Facebook and more in one single app organized and easy to manage.


Track what people are saying about your restaurants and competitors across the web in real-time.

Uncover Insights

Uncover the insights to inform and improve your strategy learning about the demography of your customers.

Be in control

Measure performance across platform unifying all the review data and stop wasting time on manual audience research.

Listen to customers at scale

Our AI system combines the best of rule-based and Machine Learning approaches to provide the most accurate detection of trends in online reviews. We are able to detect context, sarcasm, emojis and deal with noise to find the most relevant patterns.

Trending topics

Detection of the keywords that are most relevant in your reviews.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze your customer sentiment and see clearly what customers like and dislike about your brand.

Measure everything

You are what you measure. Dig into what’s driving customer satisfaction and see your ratings improve.

Respond all your reviews

Fastest time-to-value with our models that assist generate automatic answers for the reviews. Our system will learn the more you use it to adjust the tone and provide personalized answers that understand the context. WIth our integrations, respond directly from your CloudReputation dashboard.

Response metrics

Track how many reviews you respond and your progress.

Automated Review Response

Our system will create a custom text response for every reviews.


Track your response rates over time and improve customer retention.

Analyze every photo

Images are more impactful than text. More memorable. More engaging. More likely to be shared and reshared. Our Deep Learning image recognition algorithms will help track and leverage the growing number of images posted by your customers.

Topic classification

Analysis of the content that appears in the photos and classify them by topic.

Food detection

Food detection, classification by type and ranking of the most recurrent dishes of your restaurants.

People analysis

Identify faces within photos to determine sentiment, gender, age, and more.

More features included

Manage each aspect of your business and control your decisions to be ahead of your competitors. Act on your findings. Automatically trigger reviews responses and share with your team members quality reports.


Understand from where your customers come from.


Collaborate and set custom permission levels as needed.

Email alerts

Customizable daily, weekly, monthly alerts by emails.

Competitor reporting

Insights to establish how you perform in relation to your competitors.

Restaurant rankings

Compare how your restaurants rank against each other.

Review translation

Connect with all your customers and understand their comments with automatic translation.

Trend analysis

Understand your performance and compare different time periods.

Multiple locations

Track performance of all your restaurants in one single app.

Exportable reports

Export data and reports in PDF and CSV format.

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